Agri wisdom Seminar, 2013 with ICICI Bank

ICE Centre of Excellence organized the Agri Wisdom Seminar in association with ICICI Bank in Agra on 24th May, 2013. The seminar laid focus on the modernization and up-gradation of cold storages. It included technical lecture on techniques of modernization and sharing of success story. The lectures were followed by a panel discussion to develop a viable modern cold storage. 

NCCD Seminar (2013)

ICE together with NCCD organized the conclave on Refrigerated Transport. The conclave was intended for deliberations on bottlenecks to the reefer transport sector (Air-Sea-Rail-Road). While the speaker panels set the tone for discussions, the interactive audience also took the opportunity to present their concerns and offer suggestions to possible solutions. Each panel was followed by an interactive period.

NCCD Seminar (2012)
National Centre for Cold Chain Development is being set up by Ministry of Agriculture to overview the activities for cold chain in India. the centre will be responsible for drafting of standards, setting up of testing labs, formulating the rating & accreditation for the industry.
ICE Center of Excellence assisted them in setting up their task force, designing their logo and organized their first seminar on 17th July where 80 stakeholders & decision makers from the industry participated to foresee the road map of NCCD and also the second seminar on Refrigerated Transport on 7th March 2013 in New Delhi.
ICE Center of Excellence Director, Atul Khanna, has been nominated as Co-Chairman, Logistics & Supply Chain Committee.
Netherlands’ Technical Support (2010 and 2011)
ICE Center of Excellence work closely with the Embassy of The Netherlands providing them the technical support and market assistance to their companies for entering in Indian market. Delegations from Netherlands participate in Expo ICE every year to get the real feel of Indian Cold Chain Industry.
Chennai Cold storage association
Tamil Nadu is an important state when it comes to the cold chain industry, but the state faces a challenge that the cold storages lie in isolation. This was the case until last year when ICE Center of Excellence initiated a drive of consolidation for the region and successfully led to the introduction of the first regional cold storage association for the state which was launched at one of the ICE Roadshows last year.
Technical and Business consultancy:
Many national and international companies have been helped with all the technical support and market intelligence to enter the Indian market through our network and database. We have been suggesting them the best people to tie up with and to understand the market dynamics.
Awareness and study tours
We organized and arranged for the study tours for University of Cinncinati and Industrial College of the armed Forces, University of Wisconsin during their India visit making them meet the government organizations, private players, visit the leading cold storages in the region and made them interact with the leaders of the industry.
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