As is generally observed, the cold chain Industry is still dominated by the unorganized sector. The entire capacity rests with the cold store owners who have the funds but lack awareness of new technologies, innovations and Government initiatives. The dissemination of this information is vital to revive the cold chain industry and ultimately check the post harvest losses.

ICE Road show is a unique platform which brings together major players from the cold chain industry. The road show travels to various hubs of cold chain industry throughout the country, creating an effective interface for sharing & showcasing latest technologies and innovations. The invitees are an amalgam of Cold Store Owners, Market Leaders and Trendsetters, Retailers, Importers and Officials from State Industrial corporations and Ministry representatives.

Through ICE roadshow we intend to promote our members and provide flexible tool to reach major hubs of cold stores and food processors all across India. The companies can showcase and demonstrate their products and as a result of this event an interaction between product suppliers and the end users is created.

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