SUPCO-Skill Upgradation Programme for cold storage operations.
One of the essential requirements of the cold chain industry has been the human resource developments which are lacking at all levels; whether cold store operators, middle level management, owners, designers or construction agencies. Although all the segments need to be trained, training of the cold store operators is of paramount importance as it constitutes the first building block. The training is committed to:
Make the facilities more energy efficient
Improve performance to make cold stores more competitive
Maintain safe and hygienic produce without much loss to a farmer.
Minimize critical mass of the operators to sustain the effects.
The course content and type of speakers are deliberated through a core group meeting with NHB. The training assessment needs were fine-tuned depending upon
The existing cold store facilities
Local storage practices in the clusters
Product & variety to be stored
Evaluation of operators based on their work experience & qualification.
It was further suggested that the course should be structured after auditing selected cold store units for identifying problems and scope for improvement. The course materials are available in English/Hindi and regional languages. The master course modules were assessed with the help of members, database and local players. It was a customized model to meet the localized needs, making it region specific. Field demonstrations are also arranged for hands-on experience to major companies. All the participants are given the certificate of their graduation and shields to their cold store unit to differentiate in terms of having trained manpower. The workshop has been successfully completed in more than 25 cities so far.
In association with National Horticulture Board (NHB)
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