One of the essential requirements of the reefer transport industry has been the human resource developments which is lacking at all levels; be it the operators, middle level management, owners, designers or construction agencies. Although all the segments need to be trained, training of the reefer truck operators is of paramount importance as they constitute one of the most important building block. Reciprocating to this need, National Horticulture Board together with ICE Centre of Excellence developed the concept note of SURTO (Skill Upgradation Programme for Reefer Truck Operations).

The content of the Course has been designed taking into consideration the NHB Standards:
Technical Standards and Protocol for the Fruit Ripening Chamber in India
Technical Standards and Protocol for the Special Equipments for Refrigerated Transport of Perishable Food Commodities including Fresh Horticulture Produce and Additional Information
The master course modules were assessed with the help of members, database and local players. It was a customized model to meet the localized needs, making it region specific. Field demonstrations are also arranged for hands-on experience to major companies. All the participants are given the certificate of their graduation.
In association with National Horticulture Board (NHB)
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